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Whatever your interest in motor sports, you are probably keen to have the best gear and accessories to help you pursue your passion. Motor sport accessories allow you to show your support for a team or brand while also serving a practical purpose. Our site can help you to quickly and easily find the best motor sport equipment and accessories. Browse our posts to learn about the leading brands in motor sport, all of which are paving the way with new technologies to make cars faster, keep drivers safer, and make the sport more exciting to participate in and watch.



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Motorcycle Buying Tips

A challenge you could experience when buying a motorcycle is that there are many models to choose from. So, how do you select a suitable model? Below are some insights. 

New Models Versus Classics

Do you prefer a classic or a newer model? Classics are ideal for collectors who would want to rebuild the motorbike or sell it later at a profit. However, you have to conduct thorough investigations to establish which models qualify as classics and how much the bike appreciates every year. If the bike needs rebuilding, work with specialised garages and keep the bike as original as you can. Otherwise, buyers might not be interested in paying a premium fee for the bike. 

Newer models are cheaper than classics. Besides, they come with the latest technology and features. When purchasing a new bike, you might want to wait a few months after its release. Since its demand is low, the dealer can give you a good deal on the motorcycle. If you decide to purchase an older or used model, ask for a pre-purchase inspection report to establish its mileage, history, condition of the engine and transmission and any repairs the bike might need. These assessments will help you determine whether the bike is reasonably priced. 


The rule when buying a bike is that it must be functional for your everyday use. Examine the following: 

  • What is the size of the motorcycle? Your body build will determine the height and length of the bike.
  • What is the bike's engine size? Small to moderate engines are ideal for your everyday use. Larger engines are best suited for track racing or long-distance rides.
  • What type of transmission suits you? Modern motorcycles come with an automatic, manual or semi-automatic transmission. Older models have a manual transmission.
  • What is the motorbike's weight? It might be a concern if you have to push it to your garage or use it off-road. 

Model Features

Each motorcycle model has unique features that make it stand out among its predecessors and competitors. For instance, the bike could have a streamlined design, performance braking, digital speedometer, smartphone compatibility, rear lift prevention, adjustable suspension and clutch levers or liquid cooling. If possible, go a model with state-of-the-art accessories and features. It ensures you enjoy riding the motorcycle. Besides, should you want to sell the motorbike later, you will have an easy time convincing buyers. 

When buying a motorbike, decide on a classic or new model, examine the bike's practicability and its features. 

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