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Whatever your interest in motor sports, you are probably keen to have the best gear and accessories to help you pursue your passion. Motor sport accessories allow you to show your support for a team or brand while also serving a practical purpose. Our site can help you to quickly and easily find the best motor sport equipment and accessories. Browse our posts to learn about the leading brands in motor sport, all of which are paving the way with new technologies to make cars faster, keep drivers safer, and make the sport more exciting to participate in and watch.



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Top Tips for Replacing Boat Engine Mounts

Boat engine mounts are the unsung heroes on any vessel, owing to their role in dampening noise and vibration levels. Unfortunately, most boaters, even the experienced ones, do not pay close attention to engine mounts until it is too late. Notably, proper maintenance of engine mounts is essential for engine efficiency and overall boat performance. Therefore, when you notice increased vibrations, rocky starts, and impact noises in an engine room, it is time to replace the mounts. That said, you should avoid certain mistakes during engine mount replacements, as highlighted in this post.

Replace Engine Mounts Simultaneously — When you notice a worn-out engine mount, it makes sense only to replace the affected piece and leave the rest intact. After all, changing an engine mount in good condition amounts to wastage. For the most part, there is no justification for replacing an engine mount you installed a few weeks ago just because the adjacent one is worn-out. However, you should not use the logic to leave a three-year-old mount intact during a replacement exercise. Engine mounts perform better when each share in the weight and movement of a motor. Therefore, if some engine mounts work harder than others, the chances are high that all will wear out faster than expected. In this regard, boat experts advise boaters to replace engine mounts simultaneously based on the age of each. It allows for an even distribution of vibrations and weight.

Clean Mounting Surfaces — Tension is the ultimate determinant of how engine mounts perform throughout their service life. Although you might feel like you have adequately tightened motor mount fasteners, especially if you use a wrench, it might not be the case. The reason is that debris or paints under or between mounts could make you believe that engine mounts are tight enough. However, a motor's weight squeezes out the debris over time, causing the fasteners to lose tension. When it happens, you begin to hear vibrations and excess movements in a boat engine room. In this regard, always clean the mounting surface before replacing worn-out engine mounts. It prevents premature loss of tension on fasteners.

Confirm Load Capacities — It is easy to install the wrong engine mounts on a vessel if you ignore the specifications. Since engine mounts have varying capabilities, you should carefully choose the replacements. For instance, some engines are very heavy and require bolts and nuts made from the highest steel grade. If you use fasteners made from low-grade steel, they could break under the weight, causing an engine to vibrate violently. Therefore, always make sure the replacement mounts you use can accommodate engine weight.

For more information on marine engine mounts, contact a company near you.