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Boat Maintenance: Should You Replace Your Marine Engine Mount?

Marine engine mounts are essential for protecting the boat engine from damage. The unit isolates the harmful vibrations generated by the motor during operation. Moreover, it will act as a shock absorber for non-isolated movement. When a mount is chosen and installed correctly, it will prolong the service life of the boat engine. It will also reduce the costs of repairing the engine due to vibratory damage. Moreover, the shock absorption will make the boat ride more stable and comfortable. Unfortunately, over time, an engine mount will become less effective. If you are concerned about your boat's performance, use these tips to determine the need for a new one.

Check for Damage

You should check the marine engine mount for damage. If the structure is compromised, the performance will decline. Keep in mind that the mount works because it is stiff and stable. If the gradual wear or impact causes deformation or breakage, it will not absorb vibrations and shock. The most obvious form of damage is cracking of the mount material. Inspect the unit and identify the presence of fissures. In some cases, the cracks can be repaired, but replacement guarantees optimal function. You should also check for corrosion because chemical wear weakens materials, reducing their structural performance. Other visual signs of deterioration include dents, weak connections, dents and detachment of components.

Monitor Movement

You should monitor the movement of the boat during operation. If the mount is not working as intended, you will notice unusual movement. The most common result when this crucial product fails is increased vibrations. These vibrations originate from the engine, so they will be strongest in this area. You might also discover the engine moving or shaking during operation. The intensity can be relative and constant monitoring is the only way to find the changes. A damaged mount will also cause strange movement when the engine starts or stops. The motor experiences more power release during these moments. Therefore, if the mount is not working, the problem will be more apparent during ignition. Additionally, listen out for unusual noises from the engine. The marine mount will produce strange sounds if it cannot support the weight and stress of the motor.

Consider Service Life

Finally, think about the projected service life for your engine mount. These units are fabricated with materials that can withstand the hostility of the marine environment and the demands of boating. However, the lifespan is still limited. If your mount is almost reaching the expected lifespan, choose replacement instead of repair.

For more information on marine engine mounts, contact a professional near you.